Work and War: Problems In and Out of the U.S.

The articles I had a chance to read were an editorial called A Million Jobs at Stake and a blog post entitled Chuck Hagel Hearing and the Iran Nuclear Dilemma.

 A Million Jobs at Stake focuses on budgeting and trying to find areas to cut expenses. The author seemed to focus on the negative aspects of how the republicans seem to want to take many jobs away due to a system called the sequester. This idea is cutting out billions of dollars in defenses as well as non-defensive organizations. The author feels as if the focus is directed in the wrong direction. Trying to pull money out of our already dying economy is a huge mistake. The author feels that what needs to happen is for the government to find a way to maintain our defenses and increase the amount of available jobs. I agreed whole-heartedly with the article. The only individuals who will feel the effects are middle and lower class families. That is why members of the Republican body are not dripping with sweat over such an idea. In my comments, I posted some possibly controversial ideas to possibly increase our chances of raising money for the economy as well as some of the positive they can bring. I left the negative for the other commenters to decide. There was a negative comment that I found on the post and it was from Carlson74 and it said “Republicans idea of economic stability kill jobs and blame everyone but them selves.” The comment just showed bias against the republicans instead of providing positive feedback or an informative way to help solve the problem at hand.

From the blog post entitled Chuck Hagel Hearing and the Iran Nuclear Dilemma, the focus of the article is of a threat made by the U.S. to Iran saying that if they do not comply with the demands made then the U.S. will have to respond aggressively. The only thing is, Iran is left blind because they have no idea what the U.S. implied their demands were. How can anyone stop what they are doing if they do not know what it is they are supposed to stop? There were not many comments written under the blog at the time that I submitted my comment, but there was one that stuck out. There was a post by an Andrew that said “‘Vulvan’ mind meld is a rather unfortunate but amusing typo.” The post did no harm nor good to the post; it was rather uninformative and rather a waste of a comment, but it could have gone without the post at all.

 The privacy policy on comments for the articles, suggest that people treat the comment thread as if it were an actual conversation. If the people fail to maintain civility, they will be kicked off; if people try to make multiple names for them, then they will be banned. No one is to ridicule one another, etc.

As far as the good comments were concerned, there were far too many to choose from but only from one article. But if I had to choose from the article, which comment was the best, than I would have to choose the one by Heming’s Way. This person says that they disagree. Their reason for disagreeing is because he feels that many people know that a minor recession is good for any company. I feel as if the person was genuinely stating their opinion; it was different from the norm, and original. In my opinion, we need that more often in this country.


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