Open Mic Means Say What You Like

On Sunday evening, I participated in one of the most insightful chats I have ever had th pleasure of being a part of. I have chatted with many experienced bloggers and I feel as if I have gained an immense amount of knowledge within a short period of time.

There is something about being given the opportunity to get involved in a chat; if you have questions about blogging, odds are someone in there has the answers. I feel as if I have figured out tips that could help me out in the future, but I primarily asked the questions as the chat went on.

Prior to getting involved in the chat, it would behoove you to set a list of questions, but not many, maybe like two or three questions. During a chat, the questions just flow freely after a while. The people in the chat are extremely helpful and have been first time bloggers at one point or another, so they can relate to newbies.

While chatting, I learned about self-hosting which is when you turn a blog from a blogging site into your own webpage. With self-hosting, you become your own boss and have absolutely no censors; everything is at your discretion and for the audience you want to reach. You also have the opportunity to choose who can and cannot have advertisements on your site.

The #blogchat Twitter Chat goes on every Sunday at 9pm EST. Most of the people are regulars there, some of the chatters were not even stating their names, they just jumped right into the chat. I found that part of the chat to be pretty interesting.

The chat that I managed to be a part of was called Open Mic because there is no set topic. That was a wonderful topic because we get to dictate what we wanted to talk about. Blog chat only has the open mic night the last Sunday of every month, the other three weeks are all topic based, so people would have to do some research prior to stepping into the chat.

Overall, I guess you can say that being a part of a twitter chat is fun, exciting, and an excellent way to crowd-source as well as gather information. We have the greatest tools at our finger tips, it is time to open our eyes and utilize them!

Here are a few of the tweets:


About mmdiaz86
Hello everyone, My name is Miguel Diaz and I am a transfer junior in Seton Hall University. I am studying Journalism and will hopefully be graduating by May 2014. My goal is to hopefully write for Men's Health Magazine, but I would also like to write for the Army Times for a few years first. The following blog posts are all part of my class assignments, and I hope you enjoy them.

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