Journalism Will Always Be A Profession

We have to look at journalism as a job that will always adapt. When one form of journalism dies, another is reborn. For instance, the newspaper is a dying industry, but with all of the new tools that journalists have, they have found new ways to issue out the news.

Traditional forms of reporting will still go on, such as radio and television, but now we have new entities such as facebook, twitter, and podcasts. Instagram could also be used, but this is a very different form of reporting using still images and pinterest can also be used.

The more ways journalists have to report the news at their disposal, the better off we will be. The major issue with that, however, is when people take it upon themselves to become citizen journalists. This is where reporters have to worry because relying on citizens to do reporting will, of course, make it difficult at times to depict whether or not the citizens can be relied on as a credible source.

Even with citizen journalism gaining popularity, there are always those journalists who know how to find out the credibility of their sources. For instance, the case with the Boston Marathon, a journalist cleared the name of an individual who committed suicide and made everyone realize that journalism is absolutely necessary.

Twitter can be an entity used for citizen journalism. People can post up images and write about it on Twitter. They can even communicate with many people involved in a story through trending hashtags. The hashtags can make it easy for journalists to interact with the community and gather enough information from those who are creating a story and turn it into their own.

Youtube is another entity that can be used because people will post videos and make them go viral. Journalists can take these videos and put them with their stories as well to combine writing, images and video to turn a lot of information into a story. This is one of the many ways that journalists have adapted with an ever changing world. Journalists use the video-footage or citizen-footage to further explain a story.

The technology around us will get better and better, and journalists will always find new and unique ways to deliver news to the people. Journalism is a profession that is vital and necessary, so we will always have new ways to get our news. There will always be a story to tell, and that means there will always be journalism.